Information for exhibitors

The idea for the event

A vampire novel doesn't have to take part at an American college. It also works at Bonn university.
The poster and the advertising motif of the Rhine Fantasy in Words and Pictures

The poster and the advertising motif of the Rhine Fantasy in Words and Pictures

This was one of the ideas that led to the founding of the Federal office for Magical Creatures. And of course the idea that we Germans would have no problems with the existence of witches, dragon, vampires and werewolves. After all, a vampire only wants to sparkle in peace and freedom, a coffin in the country and some flowers in front of his crypt. Everything else is only catholic scaremongering. Once upon a time you called a priest to get rid of vampires, nowadays you would accept nice Twilight vampires or young werewolves, like depicted in the show Teen Wolf without further ado, whereas a priest … well.
You just had to manage and regulate everything properly, something we German have mastered perfectly. That what the rest of the world believes, but that is another topic.

A fair for fantasy literature und illustrations

We want to give the German authors of fantasy and illustrators a base to present their books and drawings. And therefore the Rhine Fantasy in Words and Pictures should be the platform. First starting in Bonn and then from 2019 onwards in the modern town hall of Troisdorf, where we want to expand our project.
To establish a fair has always been a challenge but the Federal Office for Magical Creatures has a wide fan-base that we can reach with different advertising measures.
We also got am lot of suggestions and support of Tourismus & Congress GmbH Region Bonn / Rhein – Sieg / Ahrweiler. They want to bring a follow-up event to Bonn for the migrated Animagic. And who knows, where the Rhine Fantasy is going.